Hi again.
It's getting to be the time of the day where I feel like writing these, so here I am.

I'm still pretty sore, so I just laid around all day. I feel kind of guilty
for not doing anything productive, but I guess that's just how it
goes sometimes. I didn't choose this, after all.

I want to go back. Do you ever feel that way?
That there's a time and place that you'd much rather be than where you are now.
It doesn't have to be a real place. All you need is to know
where it was, and that you would do anything to go back to there again.

Sometimes I close my eyes and reach out my hand and hope that someone grabs it.
No one ever does (Why would they?), but I still like to pretend. So, I close
my eyes, and when I open them, I'm right back there again.
Like this life was all a bad dream. An illusion.
Isn't that strange?

Ah, that got a bit out of hand at the end, there.
But you get the gist, right?