Love is the point.

No, not just romantic love, but all types.
Platonic, familial, romantic, the love you feel when you see your favorite book at the store,
or when your favorite seasonal drink is finally back.
When you haven't seen your brother in a while and as he walks in the door, you realize you missed
him a lot more than you thought you did, and you're so glad to see him again.

Sure, the effects of loving can sometimes be painful.
When you lose someone you love, or someone decides they just don't love you anymore,
or when you have so much love to give, so much it feels like you're going to explode, but no one around to share it with?
Yeah, it hurts.

It really does.

But isn't it worth it?
That warm feeling of being safe and understood and cared for, is that not worth it all?
Everything in the universe is fleeting, love included. Isn't that what makes it so beautiful?
You experience it in the here and now.
There is no future or past when you feel truly loved, there's only this moment, and there only ever has been.

I wish for everyone to be able to experience that feeling... the wonderful feeling of love...